The Trauma-Informed Communities: Part 2 – and Glacier NP photos!

Here’s a preview of the other trauma-informed communities I’ll be visiting:

Coeur D’Alene, ID: Over the past couple of years, several professionals in Coeur D’Alene and the Northern Idaho schools, mental health systems, healthcare systems, and juvenile justice systems realized each was interested in and looking at the ACEs research and its impact on the people they served. They got together and organized a day-long conference on ACEs and trauma in 2015 to kick off Mental Health Awareness month, and over 400 people attended. Since then, with some help from the folks in nearby Walla Walla, WA, they’ve been working to engage the broader community to develop a trauma-informed community-wide approach.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada: They started a province-wide initiative in 2007 by convening a 3-year series of educational symposia. They invited 100 people to each of the 5-day symposia, and invited nationally & internationally recognized experts on trauma and ACEs research to speak. At each of their symposia, each attendee had to commit to taking the learnings back to their agencies/communities, put them into practice and report back on the results. They’ve focused on the brain research behind trauma, toxic stress, and resilience and have created this excellent 4-minute video that explains it really clearly:

You can find other videos in their series on brain development here

So, these are the communities I’ll be visiting and where I’ll be meeting with lots of different people “doing the work” of trauma-informed care and developing a trauma-informed community. I’ll post updates after each visit.

In the meantime, Hannah and I have gotten to spend some great mother-daughter time together at Glacier National Park – here are some photos!

Lots more to come…thanks for reading!


Author: melaniegsnyder

Melanie G. Snyder serves as the Director of the RMO for Returning Citizens – a prisoner-reentry initiative that improves community safety by helping people transitioning out of prison get access to the services and treatment they need to lead whole, healthy and crime-free lives. She is a consultant to a number of newly forming prisoner reentry coalitions in other regions and states. Melanie is the author of Grace Goes to Prison: An Inspiring Story of Hope and Humanity ( and has given a TEDx talk titled “Breaking Out of Prison Thinking” ( Melanie is a certified instructor for the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Healing Communities model, a National Institute of Corrections certified Offender Workforce Development Specialist, and a SAMHSA-certified instructor for their trauma-informed criminal justice training. She is currently a Baldwin Fellow with the Lancaster County Community Foundation, focusing on trauma and trauma-informed care, and has conducted trainings on trauma, ACEs and related topics for numerous groups across Pennsylvania.

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